Rev. Dr. Sam Thompson

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9539475507


Professor Sam Thompson earned a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Kerala University, Trivandrum, in 1995; He earned his B.D. from United Theological College, Bangalore, in 2001; his M.Th. in Christian Social Ethics in 2008; and his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, in 2016.

Dr. Thompson is additionally qualified with a Diploma of Christian Education from the Child Evangelism Fellowship in Bangalore, in 1996; and with a Certificate for having completed the Course for Christian Conciliators, with Peace Maker Ministries, Colorado, in 2003.

He has served the Church in the past as Missionary to Nepali and Bhutanese refugee immigrants in St. Louis, Missouri (2012-2016); as Pastor and school manager at Zoarhill Lutheran Church, Trivandrum (2008-2010); as pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and Immanuel Lutheran Church, Trivandrum (2001-2006); and has experience working among street children in Bangalore and Mumbai, and  Hijiras in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai (1997-2001). He has served on the faculty of CTSN since June 2016.

Dr. Thompson is married, and has one daughter and one son.

Courses taught:

Theology of Martin Luther
Introduction to Christian Theology
Introduction to Christian Theologies in India
Introduction to Christian Doctrines
Introduction to Christian Social Ethics
Justice Peace and Overcoming Violence: Biblical and Ethical Perspectives
Science and Religion
Lutheran Worship and Liturgy
Theological English
Study Methods

Research Interests:

Calling of the Church in the Public Square
Relating Christian faith to a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Religious Context
Cross-Cultural Missions


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Evolving An Ethical Critique In Relation To The Leadership Crisis Of The India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) With Particular Reference To The Trivandrum Synod. Master’s in Theology Thesis. United Theological College, 2008.

The Cult of Hijras: A Challenge to Christian Mission. Bachelor of Divinity Thesis, United Theological College, 2001.

‘The Social Responsibility of the Church in Society’ (in Malayalam), Lutheran Shabdham, (2000).