Rev. P. R. Selva Raj

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 784 509 9657


Rev. Selva Raj completed the One Year Bible Course at CTSN in 1992; he earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of Kerala in 1991; a B.D. and M.Th. from Gurukul College, Chennai, in 1997 and 2006, respectively; and he is a presently completing his doctoral studies with the North India Institute for Post-Graduate Studies (NIIPGTS), at the University of Serampore.

He has served the Church as pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Arattukuzhy, and Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cheriyakolla, Ponvila Circle, Trivandrum (2006-7); at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Karavakuzhy, Ponvila Circle, Trivandrum Synod (1998-2004); and at Yang Memorial Lutheran Church, Nilamel  Circle, Trivandrum Synod (1997-8). He has served on the faculty of CTSN since 2009.

Rev. Selva Raj is married, and has one son.

Courses Taught:

Study Methods
Pastoral Administration and Church Organisation
Introduction to Communication
Science and Religion
Introduction to Major Religious Traditions of India
Primal Religions
Detailed Study of Hinduism
Modern Religious and Secular Movements in India
Histories and Cultures of India

Research Interests:

Contextual Reinterpretation of Religious Tenets by Islamic Reformers in India
Hindu Ethics, with special reference to the role of fables, stories and epigrams as in Pancatantra, Hitopadesa and Subhasitas
Methodological Issues in the context of the Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Religion with special reference to the Indian Approaches


Pluralistic Inclusivism and its Practice in the writings of K. P. Aleaz – A Critique. Doctor of Theology Dissertation. NIIPGTS (submitted).

‘Pluralistic Inclusivism and Its Practice’, Kerala Theological Journal, Vol. 8 (July, 2016).

‘Fundamentalism and Christian Response’, Lutheran Sabdam (2007).

A Study of Contemporary Mata Traditions of Hinduism with Special Reference to Mata Amritananda Mayi and its Theological Implications to Women’s Religious Leadership in India. Master’s of Theology Thesis. Gurukul College, 2006.