Campus Facilities

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The seminary campus includes thirteen acres of land allowing for a peaceful atmosphere conducive to studying away from the busy bustle of the noisy city.

The main complex of buildings consists of six separate structures connected with covered corridors, the chapel, faculty room, the library, classrooms, administrative block, and an auditorium (Naether Hall). The south quadrangle is arranged for open air meetings.

The main entrance is through the Antonette Feldner Zorn memorial tower.

There are eighteen cottages for married students, and a hostel for unmarried students.

A student’s centre for recreational purposes was donated to the seminary by the Gama Delta Society of USA. (At present this hall is converted to the maintenance workshop).

There are eleven staff quarters located on the seminary campus.

The first phase of a commercial building complex was dedicated in October 1980. Now a bank, post office and few shops operate in the commercial building complex.

There is a coconut plantation within the facilities.

A working woman hostel was started in the campus in the year 1982 to accommodate working women and girl students. This was an income generating project for the seminary as well as a social service.

With the help of our partner and mother church, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), we hope to improve our facilities significantly over the coming years.