Rev. Dr. Monikaraj Retires as Principal

Concordia Theological Seminary has been blessed to have Rev. Dr. D. Monikaraj serving as Principal for several years, since his appointment and installation in 2014. Now he is announcing his retirement at the end of this academic year, in March of 2017. Upon his retirement, Rev. Dr. Christudas will take his place as Principal, having been appointed by the Board for Pastoral and Lay Training (BPLT) at their meeting on February 20, 2017, at the Trivandrum Synod Office.

Dr. Monikaraj served for a long time at CTSN as an associate professor, since 1991, teaching a variety of courses.

As Principal of CTSN, Professor Monikaraj worked hard in numerous aspects of the Seminary administration, to maintain the hard-earned accreditation from the Senate of Serampore University, for the B.D. program. During his tenure, he maintained communication and cooperation with the LCMS leadership, and was instrumental in establishing the LCMS Scholarship Program. He will for all time in history be remembered fondly for his steadfast opposition to the forces of interference in Nagercoil, and his support for the rightful President Rev. Gambeeram’s administration of the IELC during a time of crisis.

The entire seminary community, together with the IELC and LCMS, is immensely grateful to Dr. Monikaraj for his tireless efforts, and for his evident love for both the Seminary institution and its community.

With grateful hearts to God, we give thanks for his service to this Seminary. Let us pray that Principal Monikaraj continues to be a blessing to the Church in his retirement. And may the blessing of God Almighty go with him!