Rev. Dr. Christudas Elected New Seminary Principal

[Pictured: Principal Elect Rev. Dr. Christudas, discussing the CTS Nagercoil matters between BPLT and IELC Church Council meetings. L to R: Rev. Vijayakumar, General Treasurer; Mr. Ravi Jesupatham, LCMS Country Coordinator; Rev. R. Gambeeram, IELC President; Rev. Dr. D. Christudas, Professor and Principal Elect CTSN; Rev. Roger James, South Asia Area Director, LCMS]

In anticipation of the retirement of Principal Rev. Dr. D. Monikaraj, the Board for Pastoral and Lay Training (BPLT) of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) met at the Trivandrum Synod Office on February 20, 2017, and elected Professor Rev. Dr. D. Christudas as the Principal of the Seminary, with effect from the retirement of Principal Dr. Monikaraj. Besides regular members of the BPLT, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Area Director for South Asia, Rev. Roger B. James was also present to witness the BPLT’s decision to elect Dr. Christudas.

Dr. Christudas is eminently qualified for the position for which he was elected. Like all former CTSN principals, he was born, baptized, and raised in the IELC, and has clear memories of the sacrifices of LCMS missionaries.

Having served as part-time faculty for CTSN from 2002-2005, and as full-time faculty from 2005 to present, Dr. Christudas comes as an experienced professor, having taught a variety of courses for the Seminary curriculum. The Principal-elect has also published prolifically for the life of the Church: devotional materials, translations, and original works of research and theological inquiry. As a long time part of the seminary community, he is fully familiar with the needs of the Seminary, and all that is necessary for successful Seminary administration.

As we rejoice with thanksgiving for the service of outgoing Principal Dr. Monikaraj, we also give thanks to the Lord God for providing a new leader in Principal Elect Dr. Christudas, and pray that He will provide his richest blessings on the service of our new Principal in the coming years.